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About... Technologypull

About Technology{}pull...

Every day there are dozens of TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS that add high value to business & society. But, very often it just takes to long or it is not happening at all that innovations are being exploited. 

On the other hand, it happens a lot that innovations lead to modernization outside the domain for which they were intended. Cross-over of innovations between sectors (agro, food, medical, industry, trade, etc.) offers prospects for both companies in the chain and technology companies.

There clearly is a mismatch between TECHNOLOGY PUSH and MARKET PULL. However, there is no market demand without technological innovations. The challenge is to actively connect technological innovation and market needs in the business. 

Harrij Schmeitz 
Chief Dream Officer
If you can dream it, you can make it. 

Principes of Technology{}Pull

The market demand/needs is the basis for Technologypull, but this pull does not arise without the vision of what the possibilities of technology can be for your business.

Demand in your market does not arise automatically. The knowledge of technological innovation is crucial for translating the opportunities of new technology into market: technologypull. 

Thinking outside of the box is also crucial for technology innovations. See what happens in various sectors and investigate what this can mean for your company. 

Innovation is caused by illogical connections. Open innovation is the basis for success. 

Innovation management is not a task for R&D, but is part of every department in your company. Connecting these departments when looking for innovative opportunities is the challenge. 

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