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New Technologypull office

Since April we have our office in the heart of the Agri & Food Business, AGRI & FOOD PLAZA, in our hometown 's-Hertogenbosch.

The AGRI & FOOD PLAZA is an open office environment in which AGRI & FOOD companies have their workspace. It is home to, for instance, the Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Organization (ZLTO), the farmers' organization of the region. The basis of Agri Food Capital in which industry, public authorities and knowledge institutions work together to achieve growth and innovation in agri-food. It is also home to the Grow campus with innovation projects such as FARM-IT. Many small AgFood companies are also located here.

AGRI & FOOD PLAZA is directly connected to the facilities of HAS University of Applied Sciences. HAS offers bachelor studies and minors for the Dutch and international market in agribusiness, food and living environment.

Technology {} Pull continues to work from this innovative and inspiring environment in AgFood, Horticulture and HighTech for its customers & projects such as FreshUpstream, GLAS4.0, FruitmastersNEXT, DOOR, Smart Horticulture Asia, etc.

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Agri&Food Plaza
Onderwijsboulevard 225
5223 DE 's Hertogenbosch 

By car
For everyone that comes by car, there is plenty of space in the parking garage. We recommend that you set the navigation on Vlijmenseweg 1A, 's-Hertogenbosch to arrive at the parking garage. Mail your license plate to and the speedgate will open automatically.

With public transport
You can also reach Agri & Food Plaza by public transport. You can take the bus from the Central Station stop and get off at the Onderwijsboulevard stop. Do you prefer to walk a bit? It is approximately a 15-minute walk from 's-Hertogenbosch Central Station. Follow the following route from Central station:
Leave the station on the back side (side rail 7). Take the escalator down and walk straight on the Leeghwaterlaan. Walk it all the way until you reach the intersection with the boulevard education. Turn left here and continue straight on. Agri & Food Plaza is located at the end of the street, almost at the intersection with the vlijmenseweg.

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Let op: stel uw navigatie in op Vlijmenseweg 1A, 's-Hertogenbosch

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