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Events & Talks

I regularly speak during workshops, conferences and lectures about the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the Agri & Food chains. From greenhouse to cash register, from seed to chop. In addition, I organize large events such as EU FRESH INFO Forum and SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA for already a few years, where I lead the entire event as the chairman. From Program design to chairman of the day. In short, if you are looking for an innovation talk in technology or a day chairman for your event at the connection of AgFood and Technology, please contact us.


Digital transformation in AgFood

Digitization, data, has a huge impact on the food chain. From the introduction of Blockchain to the use of sound for the promotion of products. We are at the beginning of a total new phase in this development. In this trend presentation I take you into my vision on this development and the impact in the company and chain.

Target audience: 

  •  Entrepreneurs & Customers in Agri & Food
  • Innovation workshops

Duration: 30 min as trend pitch or 130 min as mini lecture
Cost: On request

Horticulture 4.0; Whats next... 

Data plays an increasingly crucial role in the cultivation and trade of horticultural products. From Autonomous growing to Scanning on the shelf. Everything revolves around data and the way they are processed in cash and at the cash register. But what do these developments look like and what is going on ...

Target audience:

  • Entrepreneurs & Customers in Horticulture
  • Innovation teams
  • Innovation workshops

Duration: 30 min as a trend pitch or 130 minutes as a mini lecture
Cost: On request

Technology makes you happy

At the end of last year I was asked to speak on an event of the Rotary. I realized here that the story focused on digital transformation of the company was not the right approach. On the basis of this a presentation is developed that takes into account that technological developments are not dangerous but make our lives better, more beautiful and more practical. Do we still want to live without a smartphone?

Duration: 60 min as mini lecture
Cost: On request


In the last few years I organized a lot of conferences and events in horticulture and other food sectors where digitalization is playing a major role. Hereby both as day chairman and developing the complete program. 



The European conference for Het Europese congres at the interface of information technology & data standardization in Europe for the Fruit & Vegetables Sector. 


Last editionEU Fresh Forum 2018

Next edition: To be announced 



During the largest trade fair for Fruits & Vegetables in Asia, the Asia Fruit Logistica, a showfloor Forum on the interface of technology and horticulture with speakers from all over the world. Current technological innovations are linked to innovation in the chain and cultivation.

Last edition: Asia Fruit Logistica 2018 Hong Kong

Next editionAsia Fruit Logistica 2019 Hong Kong


Innovative applications with Artificial Intelligence

On Wednesday, April 25, the webinar 'The Future of Data & Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture' was held live at Microsoft in Amsterdam. In this webinar, we discussed how you can build new and innovative applications with Artificial Intelligence. I was present from Fresh Information Management Center, the ICT knowledge center of the VegetableFruit House.

View the webinar here 

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