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Go-To Market Support

I regularly speak during workshops, conferences and lectures about the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the Agri & Food chains. From greenhouse to cash register, from seed to chop. In addition, I organize large events such as EU FRESH INFO Forum and SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA for already a few years, where I lead the entire event as the chairman. From Program design to chairman of the day. In short, if you are looking for an innovation talk in technology or a day chairman for your event at the connection of AgFood and Technology, please contact us.


Expand services to the Agri & Food Market 

An international consultancy company with independent consultants wanted to strengthen its position in the Agri & Food market. But what does that market look like? Which services are relevant? What is a correct go-to-market approach? Which network and which players are relevant as launching customers ....

Technology and then... 

For NXP-Ampleon I guided a research project to find out in which way LEP-light (light emission plasma) can be used in the horticulture. The technology is there but the question is how this can be used for cultivation and in which way this can be realized.  

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