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Program management

Making ambitions true. That is the most important drive for a program manager at the connection between technology and Agri & Food. Connecting people, technology and the necessary networks for realization is the challenge. I would like to take this challenge for you.


Stichting Fresh Upstream 

The Fresh Upstream Foundation is a cooperation platform of FNLI, GroentenFruit Huis, Frug I Com, LTO Netherlands, the Central Bureau for Food Trade (CBL), Nevedi and GS1 Netherlands.


The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the use and development of information standards in the fresh food chain. The platform uses international standards from both retail and government in an integrated approach.


I am involved in this collaboration from within different parties and after the decision of setting up this collaboration, I established the whole organization. Since then I am Programma Manager of the foundation. 

Project start: 2018 

Via: Fresh Informationmanagement Center



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The world of tech startups is creating a tsunami on the development of solutions for the cultivation of fruit vegetables. In Glas4.0 we connect the world's best growers to the world's best technology. As a Connector I run this program together with a team of growers on behalf of six Dutch Producer Organizations united in the Federation of Fruit Vegetable Organizations


Project start: 2017 

Via: Fresh Informationmanagement Center



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Frug I Com

There is no data in the chain without information standards. Frug I Com is a unique collaboration between the Dutch Potatoes, Fruit and Vegetable Chain (fruit and vegetable chain).The ultimate objective is to introduce electronic data exchange between the fruit and vegetable links, by means of a uniform method of labeling with the use of electronic messages. The standard allows AGF companies to optimally use information from the chain for, for example, order processing, product tracking, logistical optimization and quality improvement. All resulting in a faster and more efficient AGF chain with fewer mistakes. In 2002 the discussion with Frugi Venta started for the need for a program to come to standardization. I was acctive from 2002 until 2017 as director / program manager for this foundation.


Project start: 2003 - .. 

Via: Imtech Food & Feed / Fresh Informationmanagement Center



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Feed Design Lab 

At the time when the word Fieldlab had yet to be invented, a start was made on the development of a field lab for the animal feed industry where the latest technology can be tested in practice. The Feed Design Lab is now the research and education center for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed sector. More than 100 companies from the entire sector and from home and abroad act as partners at Feed Design Lab and actively participate in the network.

In 2010 I actively worked on the establishment of FDL as the director. 

Project start: 2010 - 2011 

Via: Imtech Food & Feed 



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Imtech Food & Feed Competence Center 

In a multi-disciplinary technologie company, a division into operating companies based in disciplines is almost always chosen; ICT, installation, process automation etc. And then in an international company, there is also a division per country. 


However, the Agri & Food world is one with large international companies where all disciplines come into play in every company. The customer would like to be approached integrally by his suppliers and there is much synergy in the operating companies. After all, a new line means work for installation, process automation and software such as ERP. 


Within Imtech I worked for three years as a program manager. Together we worked on the basis of knowledge sharing in the market in a multi-national hightech environment. 

Project start: 2008 - 2011
Via: Imtech ICT Nederland (now Axians)

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