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About Technology{}pull...

Every day there are dozens of TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS that add high value to business & society. But, very often it just takes to long or it is not happening at all that innovations are being exploited. 

On the other hand, it happens a lot that innovations lead to modernization outside the domain for which they were intended. Cross-over of innovations between sectors (agro, food, medical, industry, trade, etc.) offers prospects for both companies in the chain and technology companies.

There clearly is a mismatch between TECHNOLOGY PUSH and 
MARKET PULL. However, there is no market demand without technological innovations. The challenge is to actively connect technological innovation and market needs in the business. 

Harrij Schmeitz 
Chief Dream Officer
If you can dream it, you can do it. 

What can we do for you?


The digital transformation is a huge challenge for a lot of companies. Changing both customer, technology, business model, way of work and more first of all requires people who are aware of these necessary changes. After all, employees who are unconsciously incapable of inciting change is a mission impossible. As a Disruptor I like to participate in your innovation team in order to achieve change. With a fresh view and practical examples, I like to encourage innovation in your company. 

Go-To Market Support

I am often approached by companies from outside the Agri & Food, Agriculture, which have the ambition to market a product or service in agriculture. A market that is organized, operates and communicates in a different way than other markets. I would like to help these companies, from start-ups to well-known companies, to develop and roll out their agriculture in their go-to-market strategy.


Events & Talks

I regularly speak during workshops, conferences and lectures about the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the Agri & Food chains. From greenhouse to cash register, from seed to chop. In addition, I organize large events such as EU FRESH INFO Forum and SMART HORTICULTURE ASIA for already a few years, where I lead the entire event as the chairman. From Program design to chairman of the day. In short, if you are looking for an innovation talk in technology or a day chairman for your event at the connection of AgFood and Technology, please contact us.

Program Management

Making ambitions true. That is the most important drive for a program manager at the connection between technology and Agri & Food. Connecting people, technology and the necessary networks for realization is the challenge. I would like to take this challenge for you.



The future of Strawberry Production

Looking forward to talk at the "The Future of Strawberry Production" at the Octinion Test Center, Research Park Haasrode, Heverlee-Leuven, Belgium at Wednesday October 16th from 12:00 onwards about "The state of HORTI tech" and the impact on our industry. From "TECH for crops, towards, CROPS for tech" . Let's see how far #robotics is in #strawberry .

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Smart Horticulture Asia

Smart Horticulture Asia

Ook dit jaar ben ik weer Chairman van het Smart Horticulture Asia evenement tijdens Asia Fruit Logistica. Hier zal ik onder andere aandacht vragen voor het gevangenen dillemma tussen hightech growing en de gevoelens van consumenten. 

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Fruitlogistica 2019
Ready for the first international talk this year on #opportunities of #artificialintelligence #ai for #fresh #produce. See you in Berlin at #fruitlogistica2019 where I talk on Wednesday at the #futurelab stage by Fruitnet Media International #fruchthandel. 

Harrij Schmeitz neemt afscheid van GroentenFruit Huis 
Per 1 februari a.s. beëndigt Harrij Schmeitz de samenwerking met GroentenFruit Huis, stichting Frug I Com en Fresh Information ManagementCenter. Digitalisering van de groenten- en fruitsector is een belangrijke strategische aangelegenheid voor GroentenFruit Huis en heeft een vaste plaats in het jaarplan 2019. 

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Harrij Schmeitz nimmt Abschied von Frug I Com und hinterlässt viele ,,digitale Spuren" 
Zum 1. Februar scheidet Harrij Schmeitz aus dem niederländischen O+G-Dachverband GroentenFruit Huis und dessen Plattformen Frug I Com und Fresh Information Management Center aus. Über viele Jahre war er quasi das ,,digitale Gesicht" nicht nur innerhalb des Branchenverbandes, sondern überhaupt in der niederländischen Obst- und Gemüsebranche. 

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